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Aistė Jakonytė

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My paintings are colour-centric amalgamations of varied subject matter. The focus is on both the interpretation of the visual motifs and the ideas and feelings they represent. Interpretation and rendition of space is key to my practice, through which I like to draw attention to and suggest certain relationships between the composition, the audience and myself.


2-11 December 2022

ArtWorks Open 2022, Barbican Arts Group, London

11-21 November 2021

The ING Discerning Eye 2021 Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London

Selected Paintings

Painting 'Nectar'


46x61cm, Oil on canvas, 2022

Painting 'Like flies to...'

Like flies to…

40x30cm, Oil on canvas, 2022

Painting 'Exotica' (diptych)


20.5x20.5cm each, Oil on canvas, diptych, 2022